One in five of us has a disability

We all have the right to full access and inclusion

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Independent Living is at the core of everything we do

What makes ARISE different? As a designated non-residential Independent Living Center, we are organized and directed by people with disabilities.


You Can Help to Save…

State lawmakers are finalizing the budget and a plan to move the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP) to a single fiscal intermediary state-wide. We…

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Total Eclipse, Totally Awesome

By Michael Theobald Well, the Great North America Total Solar Eclipse has come and gone. Did it live up to the hype? YES it did!…

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The Disability Priority Agenda

By Phil Prehn, ARISE Systems Change Advocate Every year, ARISE works with the other 40 Independent Living Centers in New York State to advocate for…

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Art Explorers

Artists in our Art Explorers Club have been working hard creating wonderful artworks from watercolors to a special holiday wreath! Art Club Coordinator Michelle McIntyre…

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Bringing Adaptive Design to Cayuga…

Do you have a disability, or know someone with the disability that lives in Cayuga County and could benefit from a customized adaptive device? Do…

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