Community Programs

children riding adaptive bicycles

Cycle Rides

Individuals can bring their own bicycle or adaptive cycles and ride them on the Paved Track at the Farm.

Paved Track

Enjoy a scenic 7/8-mile paved track that is fully wheelchair accessible. Benches at regular intervals allow a place to rest or enjoy the view.


Our fishing pond is stocked with a variety of fish for catch-and-release fishing. The deck is accessible and you can bring your equipment and fish!


Our 16,000 square foot completely accessible playground, built in 2015, offers every person the opportunity to join in the fun. It has ramped play structures, one for kids under five and one for kids over five. We also have a variety of different play pieces and several swings.

Please do not have food or beverages on the playground – we need to preserve and protect our rubberized surface. Thanks for your consideration!

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