Regional Advisory Committee

Regional Advisory Board:

Jim Brady

William Crist

Joanne Gardner

Lance Lyons

Chuck Mason 

Greg Mills

Michael Moss

Elizabeth Rozwood  

DeeDee Schenck

Sara Sunday

Chris Sweet 

Ron Tascarella

Bradly Thurston 

Erica Turner

Garrette Weiss

Ernest Wheeler

Chad Whelsky 

For ARISE to accomplish its mission, knowledge of the communities in which we work and familiarity with local resources is necessary.  Regional Advisory Committee Members from Oswego and Cayuga counties help inform staff about community activities where possible partnerships and/or relationships can be built; share their insights about the community’s knowledge of ARISE; and act as ambassadors for ARISE and its mission.  These important volunteers meet at least quarterly. 

To that end, Regional Advisory Committee Members: 

  • Provide recommendations to ARISE staff leadership about local activities in which ARISE might participate to benefit people with disabilities served by ARISE. 
  • Facilitate access to individuals, families, community groups and local leaders in order to gain support for ARISE activities. 
  • Provide recommendations and support for funding opportunities to further the ARISE mission, purpose and activities.   

ARISE staff support our Regional Advisory Committee Members by: 

  • Providing training on programs offered by ARISE by having an appropriate staff member present at meetings. 
  • Sharing dates of ARISE events that Advisory Committee Members are encouraged to attend. 
  • Giving updates on ARISE activities. 


The ARISE Operating Board of Directors includes a majority of people with disabilities.  The Advisory Board composition also strives to achieve this representation, balanced with community leaders knowledgeable of local activities and developments. 

If you would like to learn more about the Regional Advisory Committee, contact ARISE CEO Tania Anderson at 

For more information contact ARISE CEO Tania Anderson at