Family and friends of UNIQUE Poet Leo True-Frost taking in the UNIQUE exhibit at the Everson Museum.
The True-Frost family and friends taking in the 2021 UNIQUE exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art.

We are working hard to put together 2022 UNIQUE Magazine

Coming up in August you are invited to enjoy the work of some spectacular local painters, poets, and sculptures! More than 60 Central New York Artists participated by submitting their art and literary work to this year’s magazine. The submission period for the magazine ended April 18, 2022. Now the work of putting it all together is underway! We would like to thank the Everson Museum of Art for hosting this year’s exhibit, which opens to the public on August 19th and runs through September 25th. The Everson Museum of Art is located at 401 Harrison Street in Syracuse.

What is the UNIQUE Magazine? 

UNIQUE is an Art and Literary Magazine that shares the artistic visions and voices of individuals with disabilities. UNIQUE represents the power of art to express, educate, and inspire.  Art comes in many forms.  The creative work published in UNIQUE includes poems, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, computer-based art, and mixed-media works. 

The magazine is published annually in the fall by ARISE and distributed throughout Central New York to display the creative work of artists and writers with disabilities living in Central New York. 

UNIQUE has four main goals: 

  • To publish deserving artwork and literature in recognition of its intrinsic artistic and literary value; 
  • To share the artistic visions and voices of individuals who have disabilities with the public, increasing awareness of the capabilities of persons with disabilities; 
  • To initiate conversation around art and literature that inspires, educates, and enlightens; and 
  • To share the experiences of persons who live with disabilities, and their joy with accomplishing freedom, success, and independence. 

2021 UNIQUE Magazine

UNIQUE is published annually by ARISE to share the creative work of artists and writers with disabilities in Central New York. 

The UNIQUE Art Exhibit would like to thank the Everson Museum this year the museum extended the exhibit through November 14th. The extra time offered many people the time to visit the exhibit and celebrate the work of nearly 60 CNY artists!

The magazine would not be possible without the dedication of the UNIQUE Editorial Board.  ARISE appreciates the time our editorial board puts in to review these wonderful artworks! This year is truly unique in that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many people.  We are committed to printing this year’s UNIQUE magazine despite the uncertainty that surrounds doing an exhibit grand opening of these works. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bill Pfohl at (315) 671-5438 or email bpfohl@ariseinc.org. If you had artwork in last year’s magazine please call or email Bill Pfohl to pick up you 2020 artwork. 

You can also send us a letter at:

UNIQUE Magazine 
c/o ARISE 
635 James St. 
Syracuse, NY 13203 

Thank you and happy creating! 

Bill Pfohl 
Communications Specialist 

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The 2021 Edition of UNIQUE was Sponsored by: 

The Drescher Corporation

Thank you to our Patrons of the Arts: 
Tania S. Anderson

Susan & Edward Judge

Eastwood Rotary

Thank you to our Friend of the Arts: 
Maurie Heins 

  Everson Museum of Art 

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