Summer Things to do in CNY

Summer Things to do in CNY
Mike Theobald and his nephew at the ballpark

The Ball Park

It took long enough to get here. Finally, with the Memorial Day weekend behind us, the unofficial start of summer in Central New York is underway. A fun outing I’m planning is a Syracuse Mets -vs- Scranton Wilkes Barre RailRiders baseball game. I really appreciate the game itself, going to a ballpark is much more enjoyable than watching on television. Being with family and friends in the stands at the stadium full of fans is great experience.  

There is plenty of accessible parking and an elevator to the second level where the roomy accessible seating area is near the concession stands.  If you’re even slightly interested in baseball, a trip to NBT Stadium might be something to consider.

This is the first in a series of summer trips to accessible Central New York locations that I will make. If you know of a great accessible location, please share it with me! Email  and let me know your favorite summer place.

Green Lakes State Park

My latest summer adventure took me to Green Lakes State Park. For people with disabilities state parks can offer many benefits that are accessible, like exercise trails, concession stands, and some even offer specialized programming.

I went to see the changes that had taken place at the park. There were more handicap parking spaces available in the newly paved and lined lot. The state also installed a new drop off lane for easy access to the beach. This new feature has been something I had hoped would come. It can be challenging to maneuver a wheelchair through a busy parking lot!

The newish concession stand (maybe 3 years) was very accessible.  There were quite a few picnic tables near the beach which were wheelchair friendly.  The sidewalks were swept along the sandy beach, but some areas could be slippery for those using a walker or cane on their way to get a snack or use the bathroom. The sidewalk is somewhat narrow for wheelchair users, this may be a great improvement project for next year.  

 Overall, Green Lakes is a beautiful park which can and should be enjoyed by all those visiting it!

Mike Theobald is a contributing writer to the ARISE Website and a part-time employee. His stories offer a unique perspective on life in Central New York.