An Evening at the Speedway

An Evening at the Speedway

By Mike Theobald

I recently spent an evening at the car races at Fulton Speedway.  We were happy to find there was plenty of handicap parking and the area was paved for a smooth ride in my wheelchair. 

We made our way to the pit area before the warmups to visit with a new friend, Rocco and check out his car. It was fun seeing the variety of cars and the guys tuning them up. Once they started the engines, it was surprisingly loud, and we hurried to get out of their way.

When the races started, we found plenty of room in the handicap seating area. The few things we would bring next time would be earplugs and safety glasses. The dirt really does fly!

Overall, it was a fun experience for us and the many families who attended. If you get the chance and are interested in racing, you should plan on a fun adventure.

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