Mental Health Services Newest Addition

Mental Health Services Newest Addition

Over the past two years the COVID pandemic has left us with a mental health crisis, especially among children. The ARISE Mental Health Clinic has been doing all it can to help individuals who need our services. We have created a children’s playroom to facilitate therapy with young children. Our  Outpatient Mental Health Services provide individual, family and group therapy to help adultsteens and children build on their strengths and improve their overall quality of life. Psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and psychological assessments are available to all individuals enrolled in services.

Our playroom just needs some final touches, namely a few more toys. Here is a list of items we hope you could donate for this special room.

Doll house, dolls, doll accessories, baby dolls

Toy phone

Toy tools

Toy police car

Superhero toys 


Toy doctor kit

Cash register, toy money

Animal/bug figures


**Toys without soft fabric coverings and without batteries needed are preferred

For more information contact: Lindsay Devendorf, LMHC, ARISE Clinical Supervisor