Equipment Loan Closet Help

Equipment Loan Closet Help

While it might look like we have a lot of stuff in our Medical Equipment Loan Closet, don’t be fooled! We have had a run-on wheelchairs and rollators (walkers). We are hoping that our Central New York neighbors will come through with a donation of their slightly used wheelchairs and rollators!

Our Loan Closet has helped hundreds of people who have a need of a device. You can borrow wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs, crutches, and other items from our Medical Equipment Loan Closet for a few weeks to help meet short-term needs or bridge the time until your own equipment arrives. Anyone can request items. We accommodate requests on a first-come, first-served basis at no cost to you.  

Items we typically have available include: 

This is a Rollator
This is a Rollator
  • manual wheelchairs (hoping you can help us out with this item!) 
  • walkers 
  • rollators (hoping you can help us out with this item!) 
  • shower chairs and benches 
  • commodes  
  • crutches  
  • canes 

If you have a wheelchair or rollator to donate contact:


Richard Wood
Advocacy & Accessibility
(315) 671-2927


Jim Cronk
Peer Advocate
(315) 602-4930

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