An Unwanted New Years Guest

An Unwanted New Years Guest

By Michael Theobald

Don’t be fooled. COVID is still with us. I figured I made it through the worst of it. But three years after we discovered the COVID virus my lucky streak ran out.

On New Year’s Eve, I woke up not feeling well. My caregiver noticed I looked extremely pale and quickly contacted my family. We did a COVID test, and two lines appeared right away – positive for COVID. One of my caregivers tested positive that same day. She must have had it three days before when she was with me and didn’t have symptoms other than a cold.

I’ve thought that if I were to get COVID I would not be too ill. Wow, this really knocked me for a loop. Luckily, I was able to start Remdesivir that first night. For the next 5 days my appetite was nonexistent, I did keep my sense of taste and smell and lost quite a bit of weight. I got up and in my chair each day even though I was very weak. 

People with disabilities are exposed to many different people, caregivers, mentors, healthcare workers, friends, and family right in our own homes where we feel safe from the virus. Take my advice, wear your face mask, and wash your hands! COVID and a disability is not a good combination.

Hopefully, anyone who does get COVID will experience milder symptoms because it is a nasty virus. It’s making the rounds out there, so please be careful!