Respite and Family Support Services Assistant Manager, Grade 6

Job Title: Respite and Family Support Services Assistant Manager, Grade 6
Program: OPWDD Respite and Family Support Services Programs
Status: Exempt
Reports To: Respite and Family Support Services Manager

Job Summary: This position is responsible for supporting high quality, safe and engaging respite programing. Additionally, supporting the delivery of Family Support Services (FSS) services at various sites throughout counties ARISE supports. The Assistant Manager for Respite and Family Support Services will support the program Manager as necessary as well as staff as designated. The success of Respite and FSS programs is incumbent upon the provision of leadership, support, guidance for staff by the Assistant Manager as well as recognition of the needs of program participants and requirements of various stakeholders.

Essential Functions:

• Provide direct supervision to the Respite/FSS Coordinators FSS program facilitators as determined by Manager.
• Assist with the coordination of FSS contract needs.
• Attend FSSC meetings as required
• Learn new regulatory information, policies and procedures – externally as well as internally. Train staff as required.
• Support and assist with implementation of forms, policies, and procedures for the Respite and FSS programs.
• Assist with issues related to providing services such as communication, scheduling of staff and ensure adequate supervision and safety.
• Complete intakes to enroll new individuals in the Respite and FSS programs and track units as necessary.
• Assist with the maintenance of program records and documentation.
• Assist with the completion of OPWDD quarterly reports as required
• Assist with billing procedures
• Meet regularly with supervisor as required.
• Periodically assess participant satisfaction with services
• Submit Purchase Orders and Check Requests for program expenses
• Assist with quarterly audits of program files
• Support the ARISE mission and uphold all NYS Justice Center, OPWDD, OCFS and related agency regulations
• Participate in agency, team and other required meetings
• Uphold ethical standards required as a member of the leadership team
• Maintain professional conduct / detachment from personal involvement with individual(s) and / or their family members
• Hold sensitive information and PHI with professional discretion, adhere to HIPAA compliance
• Actively take steps to implement the Codes of Compliance and Conduct
• Report any unsafe situations, accidents, or incidents to QI Director and Director immediately
• Follow the ARISE Injury management reporting process
• Uphold the codes of conduct and ethics as well as all ARISE policies and procedures
• Hold protected health information and other sensitive information in the strictest of confidence in accordance with ARISE and HIPAA policies
• Other duties as assigned

• Bachelor’s degree in Human Services or related field , or an equivalent combination of experience and education
• Demonstrated leadership experience
• Proficient computer skills, especially MS Word and Excel, familiar with electronic timekeeping
• Solid written and verbal communication skills
• Clean license, appropriate motor vehicle insurance coverage, and safe and reliable transportation for travel to various sites throughout all necessary counties.
• CPR/First Aid certification is recommended