Program Guide

Program Type

Education Advocacy

parents with young girl in graduation gown

Advocacy and support to ensure you or your child receives an appropriate education in the least rest...

Onondaga, Madison, Oswego

Employment Programs

woman working in front of a computer

Helping you identify employment goals and seek meaningful employment in the community.

Onondaga, Madison, Oswego

Habilitation Programs

woman pouring custard into a pie

Learn, improve, or maintain independent living skills both within the home and in the community.

Onondaga, Madison, Oswego

Independent Living Skills Training

woman with man out in the community

Our Independent Living Skills Training can help you learn, improve, or maintain life skills needed...

Onondaga, Madison, Oswego

Peer Counseling

tall man with cane being helped by smaller person

Talk with people who have been in your shoes and have shared some of the same experiences.

Onondaga, Madison, Oswego

Staffing Services for Businesses

woman operating a copy machine

Through our Staffing Services for Businesses, we  provide highly dependable candidates that will e...

Onondaga, Madison, Oswego