Infant & Early Childhood Program

Our Infant & Early Childhood Program (also called Connecting-the-Dots) can provide you with comprehensive information about community resources that are designed for infants and children up to the age of 3 who have severe or multiple disabilities.

Connecting-the-Dots is funded by the New York State Department of Disabilities Planning Council

How does the program work?

Having a newborn or young child who is medically fragile can be extremely overwhelming. We can guide you to services that are right for your child and can even assist with completing applications and referrals.  We’re here to provide supports to improve the outcomes for your entire family.

As your child turns three and transitions out of early intervention services, our advocates can also help connect your child to new services that become available like Medicaid Service Coordination and Education Advocacy.

If you have any questions, free free to contact us to learn more.