Representative Payee – Cayuga County

Job Title:                    Representative Payee

Reports To:              Regional Director, Cayuga-Seneca Offices                   

FLSA Status:             Non-Exempt  


Job Summary:

The Representative Payee is an individual employed by ARISE, an organization appointed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to receive Social Security and/or SSI benefits for someone who cannot manage or direct someone else to manage his or her money. The main responsibilities of a payee are to use the benefits to pay for the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary and properly save any benefits not needed to meet current needs. A payee must also keep records of expenses. When SSA requests a report, a payee must provide an accounting to SSA of how benefits were used or saved.


A payee acts on behalf of the beneficiary. A payee is responsible for everything related to benefits that a beneficiary would do for himself or herself. SSA encourages payees to go beyond just managing finances and to be actively involved in the beneficiary’s life. The following lists the required duties of a payee.

Essential Functions:

  • Receive beneficiary’s SSDI or SSI payments and deposit same in an established account within a federally-regulated banking facility;
  • Determine the beneficiary’s needs and use his or her payments to meet those needs;
  • Save any money left after meeting the beneficiary’s current needs for the beneficiary’s future needs;
  • Report any changes or events which could affect the beneficiary’s eligibility for benefits or payment amount;
  • Keep records of all payments received and how they are spent and/or saved;
  • Provide benefit information to social service agencies or medical facilities that serve the beneficiary;
  • Help the beneficiary get medical treatment when necessary;
  • Notify SSA of any changes in your (the payee’s) circumstances that would affect your performance or continuing as payee;
  • Complete written reports accounting for the use of funds; and
  • Return any payments to which the beneficiary is not entitled to SSA.
  • Submit to periodic audits by both ARISE and the Social Security Administration
  • Uphold the codes of conduct and ethics as well as all ARISE policies and procedures
  • Exercise sound judgment as a matter of course, and hold protected health information and other sensitive information in the strictest of confidence in accordance with ARISE and HIPAA policies

The representative payee will follow all regulations and best practices as outlined by the Social Security Administration.

  • Agency Responsibilities:
    • Support the ARISE mission
    • Hold sensitive information and PHI with professional discretion, HIPAA compliance
    • Work closely with Manager of IL Department
    • Submit detailed monthly reports measuring outcomes and individual satisfaction
    • Other duties as assigned



  • Associate’s degree in Human Services or Business
  • Experience in the area of working with individuals with disabilities
  • Excellent communication, listening and interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to demonstrate understanding and patience in challenging situations
  • Excellent working knowledge of county resources
  • Demonstrated computer skill proficiency, especially:
    • MS Word,
    • Quick Books,
    • Excel,
    • Netcil / CFAL database application to manage ILC information