ARISE Foundation

Every day, ARISE works to remove barriers, sustain needs, strengthen skills, and enrich the lives of people with disabilities in Central New York. The ARISE Foundation was formed in 2011 to ensure that ARISE can continue to provide extraordinary services for people with any type of disability – both today and tomorrow.

Contributions to the ARISE Foundation are a strong statement of your belief in the rights of every person to live full and independent lives of their choosing. Your gift to to the ARISE Foundation makes it possible for us to continue to provide the highest quality services for people with any kind of disability.

We are grateful to the following community members for serving on the Foundation Board of Directors:

  • Tamara Harris, Chair
  • Maria Visco, Vice Chair
  • David Dreverman, Treasurer
  • Patricia Contant Clary, Secretary
  • Tania S. Anderson
  • Michael Bottar
  • Ray Carney
  • Edward W. Cook, Jr.
  • Marianne DiNiro
  • Janelle Fields
  • Katie Flaherty
  • Joseph Hatfield
  • Courtney Abbott Hill
  • Susan Judge
  • Carol Kranz
  • Sonnet Loftus
  • Agnes McCray
  • Connor McGough
  • Diana Pelletier
  • Rachel Romer
  • Joseph A. Rotella
  • Katy Turner
  • Karen Vasquez
  • Stephanie Vavonese
  • Janice Vitale

To learn about the ARISE Foundation, please contact Tania Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, at (315)671-5111 or .