2014 Report to the Community – Text Only

Celebrating 35 Years

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, my family members regularly moved my dear grandmother, Bertha Schotthoefer, up and down sets of stairs in her wheelchair. Her experience of diabetes had required the amputation of both her legs.

The first ARISE Executive Director, Michael Crinnin, had similar experiences as his family included full participation by his aunt, Alice Mooney, who used a wheelchair following an accident when she was a teenager.

In those decades and earlier, many, many families did the same.

Eventually, we came to realize that there had to be easier ways. Centers like ARISE developed throughout the nation as we came to understand that change needed to be led by those who were most affected and most frequently excluded. Gradually we modified homes, buses, places of worship, stadiums, hospitals, and many other locations.

From the seeds of powerful determination in 1979, we have grown to become an organization with more than 630 employees, hundreds of volunteers, and over 50 programs. Our recent merger with Options for Independence means that ARISE now spans a five-county region: Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Cayuga, and Seneca.

We have grown but we remain mission-focused. We work to change minds, open hearts, and transform systems.
In this special 35th anniversary year, there is much to celebrate. I am proud of the outcomes of our work that this report captures beautifully.

We celebrate the success that each individual achieves and we are thrilled by every barrier that is removed. We are thankful for our talented advocates, dedicated board leadership, devoted volunteers, and caring community members who share our commitment to ensuring opportunities for all.

-Tom McKeown, Executive Director

Join in the Celebration

When my daughter Eliza was diagnosed with a disability at the age of 13 months, my connection to ARISE changed. Since 1998, I had served on the board of directors of ARISE and its predecessor, Child and Family Service. At that moment, however, I became a member of the community of people directly and profoundly impacted by the many services of ARISE.

Seeing ARISE through the eyes of a parent gave me new insight into the needs of other parents and the opportunities offered to children, adults and their families through this great organization. I understand how desperately parents of children with disabilities want to give their kids access to every opportunity so they can live their best lives. I understand the importance of independence and living life on your own terms.

ARISE is a valuable tool helping me to navigate the maze of services available for my daughter. Eliza directly benefits from Medicaid Service Coordination and related services from ARISE.

But you can best see the joy of independence when you watch Eliza at ARISE at the Farm. She began riding at the age of three in weekly half-hour sessions. With no fear, my tiny daughter rode the largest horses at the Farm and now will balance, standing in the stirrups, as the horse continues to walk. Eliza’s riding lessons give her physical strength and increase her visual attention and overall focus.

Summer camps, school break camps, and barn dances at the Farm all give Eliza tremendous opportunities for fun and learning. She participates in enriching activities and gains new skills and friendships. She is more self-confident. And, as every parent wants to see for her child, she is becoming better able to navigate her world, successfully and on her own terms.

So it is with great pride, in my role as a volunteer and as a parent, to invite you to join in celebrating independence, access, and success.

-Tania Anderson, Board President



Celebrating Access

Your support allows us to work in the community to protect, preserve, and promote equal access and opportunities for people of all abilities.

2013 Highlights:

    We are extremely grateful for CENG’s continued support of the collaborative Call-N-Ride program in Oswego County. Because of Call-N-Ride, seniors and people with disabilities have access to the para-transit needed to go to their medical appointments, shop, visit friends, and be active members of the community. In Onondaga County, our Public Transportation Advisory Committee continues to work on increasing access to public and para-transit. Through our advocacy efforts, we were delighted that the local transit authority added two much-needed bus shelters near Lincoln Middle School and Southwest Community Center.
    Accessible features are critical for people who depend on them, but can often be overlooked until they are needed. Wider doorways for people who use wheelchairs, lever-style door handles for people with limited dexterity, and access to ASL interpreters for people who are Deaf, all create a community that is accessible to everyone. Through individual and systems advocacy, we continue to serve as a leader and resource to businesses, schools, medical centers, public transit, and other community partners. We are committed to increasing understanding and advocating to ensure that people of all abilities are able to fully participate in the community.
    Having a newborn or young child who is medically fragile can be overwhelming. Through our new Infant & Early Childhood Program (also called Connecting-the-Dots), we’re able to provide supports, guide parents to resources, and improve outcomes for the entire family. In addition to providing outreach and information, we also formed a core group of “Parent Guides” to help other families. These volunteer parents have all gone through the early intervention process and are available to share their experiences with others. If you’re interested in becoming a Parent Guide, or if you would like to learn more, contact Jayson McDowell at jmcdowell@ariseinc.org or 671-3082.
    Employment can be the key to independence. However, people with disabilities often face many barriers that make finding a job difficult, if not completely out of reach. Whether a person has limited work experience, holds advanced degrees, or has many years of experience, our employment consultants help people with disabilities find jobs in the community. Our highly individualized approach means that we work with each person to find a job that matches personal interests, skills, and goals. In 2013 alone, we were delighted to reach out to over 400 local employers and help 129 people obtain and retain meaningful jobs.

Your Stories: Joe and Linda, A Ramp Opens the Door to Freedom and Independence

Due to mobility issues that progressed over time, Joe and Linda had become prisoners in their own home. The front steps of their house prevented them from being able to safely come and go. As a result, they hadn’t been able to leave their home for over two years.

This past summer, their world changed. As our volunteers were building them a ramp, Joe and Linda eagerly looked out of the front window. Once the ramp was completed and Joe opened their front door, he exclaimed, “This is unbelievable! My God Almighty look at this…Can you feel the sunlight? It’s gorgeous!”

Linda looked over to her daughter and asked if she could take her to the grocery store later that afternoon exclaiming, “I’m tired of not being able to pick out my own bananas!” Without easy access, it had been seven years since her last shopping trip to the local grocery store.

With each of the ramps built through the Oswego County Ramp Program, there is a unique story. From the young girl who is now able to easily go into her backyard to play, to this couple who felt the warm summer sun on their faces for the first time in years, our Ramp Program has permanently touched the lives of many families in Oswego County. After all, a ramp isn’t just about creating access. It’s about returning freedom, independence, and the ability to be out in the community.

With generous donations from community members, like you, and the time and skills of our many volunteers, we were proud to complete over 30 ramp projects in 2013. The need continues to grow and we look forward to helping even more families in 2014.

Celebrating Independence

Your support helps people with disabilities reach their dreams, achieve independence, and participate in the community.

2013 Highlights:

    Thanks to everyone at ARISE for helping my beloved friend and colleague with his recent relocation. It’s a huge relief and enormously gratifying to see him living independently and with dignity in beautiful surroundings, in a new apartment that has a real sense of community… and all of that has been facilitated by the caring folks at ARISE. After weeks and weeks of spinning our wheels, in a seemingly endless downward spiral heading nowhere that was beginning to get the better of us, Stephanie, our ARISE Housing Advocate, provided a spark and renewed hope for our little team, and for that we’re extremely grateful. And especially for the results she achieved.
    Whether you need assistance for a specific period of time or an ongoing basis, our Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) gives people control over their personal care. Finding the right person to provide your in-home care is a very important and personal decision.After undergoing chemotherapy, Chandra needed some assistance in her daily life. Through CDPAP, she had the ability to hire, train, and schedule her own personal assistant. Our CDPAP program continues to grow and we were delighted to help more than 225 of our neighbors receive the care that they need, on their own terms, and in their own homes.
    Joan was addicted to hard drugs and her partner started being abusive to her son. She wanted to get out of the violent relationship and make a better life for herself and her son, but she didn’t know where to start. After connecting with Mental Health services at ARISE, Joan began to see hope for a new life. She started working through her trauma and developing coping skills to help manage her urges to use drugs. For the first time, she’s optimistic about the future and she’s setting goals for a much better life for herself and her son. In addition to individual and group therapy offered through our Outpatient Mental Health Services, we are proud to offer school-based mental health therapy at many schools across Onondaga & Oswego Counties.
    As the Regional Resource Development Center for two waiver programs, we provide seniors and people with disabilities a wide array of services so they can live independently in the community. In 2013, through the Nursing Home Transition & Diversion (NHTD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver Programs, we assisted over 525 people in avoiding or transitioning from nursing homes. In addition to our NHTD and TBI programs, we also offer a network of free services like housing location, benefits assistance, and health care advocacy to ensure that regardless of your situation, disability, or age – we’re able to help.

Your Stories: Beverly, Building a Life of Her Own and Achieving Independence

After Bev’s father went missing when she was 19-years old, she became separated from her siblings. She found herself living at her friend’s house while her brothers and sisters were placed in foster care.

Working with her ARISE Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC), Bev shared her personal goals. She wanted to be independent, in control of her own destiny, and have a place of her own.

Bev worked hard at a local restaurant through her school’s work study program. They liked her so much that she was hired as a member of their team after the program ended. Things were starting to fall in place.

Bev knew about an apartment complex in an area she liked and grew up near. Her MSC helped her complete the application and furnish the apartment so she could continue building a foundation for her new, hopeful life.

Bev’s MSC also connected her to programs that helped her develop independent living skills, like how to cook nutritious and affordable meals that fit within her budget.

However, a full life isn’t complete without some fun! As a member of ARISE Community Connections, a social group for young adults with disabilities, Bev enjoys socializing and making new friends. Some of her favorite memories are from the annual ARISE Oswego formal dance and the annual Halloween Costume Barn Dance at ARISE at the Farm.

Now, with a place to call her own, Bev treasures the weekly visits from her siblings when they come together in her home, share a meal, and simply enjoy being together again.

Celebrating Individuality

Your support gives people with disabilities the opportunity to make their own choices and express their individuality.

2013 Highlights:

    My name is Gloria and I am in a wheelchair because I have cerebral palsy. With the help of my case worker, I was introduced to Consolidated Support Services (CSS) at ARISE. People with disabilities like myself deserve our independence as well as our freedom. We also deserve respect and a chance to make a difference in this world. Before ARISE I felt like I was being told what I can and cannot do. I cannot accept that. I deserve to be in control of my own life and be my own boss. I feel honored to set an example for others like me. To show them that they can do this and more if you just put your mind to it and never give up on your dreams.
    My vision problems began when I was 19 and although people may not realize it when they look at me, I am now functionally blind. I heard someone say that we are charged to be living in a world that wasn’t designed for us. What Independent Living Centers (ILCs) do is remove barriers so people with any type of disability can live independently. This work is happening step-by-step and is never going to be done. ILCs are so important because people like me can go there to get the advocacy we need. Susan Gray served as the Chair of the Options for Independence Board of Directors and we are delighted to welcome both her and Janet Haines to the ARISE Board of Directors.
    Billy’s family liked to walk to a nearby ice cream shop for a special treat. Unfortunately Billy was never able to join them. The walk was too long and he was unable to keep up in his wheelchair. When our advocates worked with Billy to define his personal goals, Billy shared his dream of having the strength and endurance to be able to go on the family walk. Working with his Community Integration Specialist, Billy started practicing the trip, slowly increasing the distance each time. One day, our staff received a photo from Billy. You should have seen the smile on his face! He had finally made the trip with his family. And, not only did Billy reach that goal, later that summer he went the entire distance in his community’s 4th of July Parade!
    People with extravagant differences experience so many different challenges. We are all so similar but yet so different. There’s something fantastic about it. The Communicators is a monthly social group that gives people a place to come together, speak their minds, make new friends, socialize, learn, and share their personal experiences. Agnes McCray has been involved with ARISE since she was 16 when she tied herself to a bus in order to advocate for access to public transportation. Agnes is the founder of the Communicators. She’s also an ARISE Board Member, ARISE Foundation Board Member, and President of the ARISE Consumer Council.

In My Own Words: Kathleen, Finding A Community & So Much More

In 2012 my family moved from downstate to the Syracuse area. We came here because our 22-year old daughter Hannah has autism. Over the years we had found that this area had so much to offer her and our whole family.

When Han was 13-years old, Syracuse University introduced her to Facilitated Communication through typing. Last year Hannah typed about her experience with horses.

“horse loves having people to connect with I love the great connection between us, nothing more powerful than feeling here. here where I belong fearless taking control of my own present.”

Our girl let us know we had to find her a place to ride!

We are grateful that we found ARISE at the Farm. When you drive through the white gates your “disability” disappears and you are at home. Yes, home is where the heart is and that’s what Laura Little (ARISE at the Farm Manager) and her staff are – “all heart”.
When Laura suggested that Hannah attend camp, I didn’t think it would work. We always felt that Hannah needed a shadow. Laura told me it would be fine, and it worked out beautifully!

In many situations, Hannah is made to feel there is something wrong with her and she needs to be fixed. At the Farm, she feels completely at ease.

Laura and the whole ARISE organization set a tone of grounded acceptance. You are seen as a human being who shares the love of horses. That’s all, period, end of conversation. From that place you are open to a world of endless possibilities. Let the fun begin.

Celebrating Inclusion

Your support allows us to create inclusive spaces where people of all abilities can come together and thrive!

2013 Highlights:

    My journey at ARISE began when my family was first acquainted with the inclusive programs offered at ARISE at the Farm. My younger brother, an outgoing boy with Down syndrome, began attending the summer camps. Because of my love of horses, I eagerly tagged along as a volunteer. Today, nearly seven years later, both my brother Shawn and I are “regulars” on the Farm. I love watching individuals blossom to their greatest potential with the help of the amazing staff and volunteers, as well as the love they receive from the animals who call the Farm their home.
    Morgan started as one of our youngest volunteers and has since volunteered at our camps, riding programs, ARISE & Ride at the Farm, and at our other events!
    Increasing disability awareness is a continuing priority. We were pleased to host workshops at many local schools, including Baker High School, Liverpool High School, and Jamesville-Dewitt Middle School. To ensure that the educational needs of students with disabilities are being met, our Education Advocates continue to work closely with parents to provide guidance, information, and support. Outside of the classroom, we were also pleased to collaborate with BASCOL West Genesee and Marcellus School Districts to create inclusive after-school programs. Now, the kids who participate in our after-school respite are no longer separate and are able to enjoy the same program with their classmates.
    After her parents passed away, Kim, 46, felt isolated and lonely. She lived with her brother at their family home on a dead-end street that was not on a bus line. Kim was born with mild cognitive delays and was dealing with severe diabetes and chronic health concerns. Although she was able to take care of most of her basic needs, she was very unhappy and spent her days watching TV. She dreamed of more. With the help of her ARISE Medicaid Service Coordinator, Kim not only moved into her own apartment on a bus line, she also connected with a network of supports to help her live independently. Now, Kim enjoys participating in community activities like Bingo and church and is also actively looking for a job. Most importantly, she’s finally able to live her dream – a life of her choosing!
    We are excited about a collaboration with Upstate Pediatric and Adolescent Center that began in 2013. By having an ARISE Mental Health Therapist based at the center, we’re able to work alongside doctors and other medical professionals to provide holistic services in a single location. In addition to this new collaboration, we continued to provide our free mental health screenings for children under 21 through our Early Recognition Screening Program. Much like a vision test or annual checkup, the screenings allow parents to pro-actively ensure that their child’s emotional and behavioral needs are being met.

In My Own Words: Jennifer, Opening Our Minds & Creating Opportunities Through Employment

My stepson Daniel, who has autism, started working at a grocery store through his school. After the program ended, the store wanted to keep him as an employee, but I had no idea how we could continue providing the 1-on-1 support he needed. Would I have to go to work with him?

That’s when I learned about ARISE’s Employment team. With their support, Daniel is able to have a job coach and continue at his job. He, just like anyone else, enjoys earning his paycheck and the freedom it provides him.
Through ARISE’s Employment Program, I have also employed a young man on the autism spectrum at Gannon Pest Control. He is very high-functioning and even drives himself to work and to OCC for classes. Right now he work 8-hours a week, and he is very dedicated to those hours.

One morning, we were facing sub-zero weather and his car would not start. Instead of calling in to say he couldn’t come, like most people would do, he got a bus schedule and showed up at work. A bit frozen, but ready to work. In this day and age, where most people call in without a second thought, I was impressed by his motivation to get to work.

As a community, we need to step up and do something. So many people see individuals with disabilities as a burden on society when, in truth, it is our lack of ability to give them a chance that causes many of those burdens. As a society, we need to open our minds and our businesses to allow everyone in our community to show us their abilities.

To learn more about our Employment Program or how you can get involved, contact Darlene Klock at (315) 671-3083 or dklock@ariseinc.org

Celebrating Adventure

Your support allows us to provide the priceless gift of learning, adventure, and fun through year-round recreational opportunities.

2013 Highlights:

    After the Farm’s 21-Day Therapeutic Horseback Riding Challenge, my son, Hank, has received numerous compliments on his balance, but even more so, on his core strength. He was able to climb up the kitchen chairs without help for the first time.
    My sister noticed right away how quickly he stepped up to the bed and automatically climbed up instead of looking around for help. His physical therapist also commented on how well he was doing. She said there was a remarkable difference in his carriage. Hank went from being timid and cautious to carefree and confident…I love the smile that lights up his face when he is riding!
    For the second year in a row, members of our Community Connections social group had the opportunity to dance the night away at our “Hollywood Nights” formal dance. One of the participants shared, “The dance was so much fun. I liked the music and being with my friends!” The event was the culmination of a joint effort between ARISE and many community members, students, and businesses who pitched in by donating the formal wear, flowers, DJ services, photography, food, and more. It was a night to remember and many of our participants are already counting down to the next one in 2014!
    For many years, our Oswego County Sibshops, a social and support group, has provided an opportunity for siblings who have a brother or sister with a disability to come together, share their experiences, and most importantly, have fun!
    In 2013, we were thrilled to expand our Sibshops program in Onondaga County. In addition to our youth and teen groups, we also started offering an online “Siblines” group. Through Siblines, sib teens can chat in a safe space any time they want or need to – 24/7! Sibshops is just one of the many social and support groups offered by ARISE. With plenty of options to choose from, you’re certain to find a support group that catches your interest!
    This ARISE & Ski season, I skied without a tether for the first time. It felt great, and no matter how many times I fell over, I never gave up.  It feels great when I go to ski at Toggenburg, horseback ride at the Farm, and bike like everyone else. I love it because it makes me feel free. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. You don’t have to get it right all the time because falling is how we learn. Nothing is impossible if you keep working at it!
    We are extremely grateful to the Hickey Family at Toggenburg Mountain Winter Sports Center, NBT Bank, and our incredible ski leaders and volunteers who make the ARISE & Ski Program possible.

In My Own Words: Dan, Watching My Son Gavin Grow & Develop Through ARISE’s Inclusive Recreation Programs

For the past three years, Gavin has been participating in therapeutic horseback riding at the Farm. Through this, we have seen significant improvement in Gavin’s head and trunk control, especially after the 21-Day Challenge. Horseback riding therapy is a perfect fit with Gavin’s love of animals, and I’m not even sure he realizes he is receiving therapy because he’s having so much fun!

Gavin also has a love for watching the snow and being outside. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of activities he can do during the winter because it’s difficult to get around in his walker and wheelchair. Through ARISE & Ski, Gavin has been able to leave his wheelchair behind and fly down the slopes.

When we tried it last year for the first time, we weren’t sure if he’d like it. Well, he didn’t just like it, he loved it! This year Gavin was thrilled to pick out his very own ski goggles – we couldn’t get him to take them off the entire evening!

After seeing how much Gavin loves skiing, I decided to give snowboarding a try, and this year I signed up to be an ARISE & Ski volunteer. Originally, I thought ARISE & Ski was simply a group of people who really liked to ski, but that’s certainly not the whole story. ARISE & Ski is officially recognized by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and the directors and training staff are all certified adaptive snow sports instructors. Together they have 60+ years of ski teaching experience!

As I work on developing my own skills, my goal is that one day I will be able to ski with Gavin. My son has such an adventurous spirit and I love the idea that everyone in our family can share in the fun together.

Celebrating the Movement

While we have steadily grown since our founding in 1979, we remain as committed as ever to our mission of ensuring independence and access for all.

“There have been revolutionary changes for people with disabilities over the last 35 years, and ARISE has been leading the charge against discrimination, inaccessibility, and the poverty of expectation that kept people with disabilities on the sidelines of a full life for so long. I’m proud and humbled to have had a part in the ever evolving story of ARISE.” – Michael Crinnin, First Executive Director of ARISE

  • 1979 – ARISE is formed as one of the eight original Independent Living Centers in NYS
  • 1988 – Assists with the formation of Options for Independence
  • 1994 – Employment Program begins
  • 1996 – Oswego County office opens, Launch of ARISE & Ski Program
  • 1998 – Dr. James O. Marshall’s gift becomes ARISE at the Farm
  • 1999 – Merger with Child and Family Service
  • 2002 – Pulaski office opens
  • 2003 – Oneida Office opens; School-Based Mental Health Program begins
  • 2010 – Mental Health Services expand into Oswego County
  • 2011 – ARISE Foundation is formed; ARISE becomes the designated ILC for Madison County
  • 2012 – Fulton Mental Health Office Opens
  • 2014 – Merger with Options for Independence; ARISE becomes the designated ILC for Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Cayuga, and Seneca Counties

Celebrating Community

2013 Highlights:

    In 2013 we joined in celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This landmark piece of legislation recognizes and guarantees that people with disabilities have equal rights to access and opportunities. A community-wide celebration of the ADA was held in Madison County for the first time. We were delighted to partner with ARC of Madison & Cortland, CAP, Heritage Farm, and Liberty Resources to host this first exciting and well-attended event. We were also proud to once again work with community partners to help coordinate the ADA Celebration in Onondaga County and participate in the annual ADA proclamation in Oswego County.
    For most people, remaining at home is a high priority. But for some, accessibility challenges can make it extremely difficult to do so. Thanks to generous support from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation, we were able to launch a new “Housing Options Made through E-Modifications (H.O.M.E.)” Program in Oswego County. Through H.O.M.E., we’re able to provide minor interior modifications (like installing grab bars, widening doorways, etc.) so that people can remain at home. This program is the perfect complement to our Ramp Program as we work to help our neighbors in Oswego County remain in the community.

In My Own Words: Theresa, A Truly Unique Experience for My Son

As a mother, I want my son to live and enjoy the best life that he can. Having autism and seizures often separates him from others.

Although he has done some things with his older siblings and some activities in school, ARISE gave him the opportunity to do something entirely on his own. Being recognized for something that is uniquely his has been a life-changing experience.

Through his art, Jonathan is able to express what he can’t say in words. In the past, he has received positive feedback from family, friends, and people at school. But to actually have the chance to bring this type of attention to his art has brought him to an entirely different level.

The UNIQUE Opening Night Reception was incredible. To have my son greeted by so many people congratulating him was amazing. Then a wonderful man pointed out that his piece was one of 59 selected from 141 submissions and one of only 12 chosen for the calendar.

It was incredible to watch Jonathan soak in the experiences that night. Several people asked him to autograph the magazine. A group of children actually went to get magazines so they could bring them to Jonathan to sign. He said, “Mom, I’m a star!”
This has done something for Jonathan. It has helped him stay focused.

UNIQUE is a special opportunity that ARISE makes possible. It raises the bar for those who say they can’t, telling them that yes they can. ARISE recognizes those who feel they may be left behind at times. The power of UNIQUE cannot be replaced. ARISE is there for people and I am so grateful.

Community Partners & Government Agencies

  • BNY Mellon
  • Burton Blatt Institute at S.U.
  • Catholic Charities
  • CNY Affiliate of Susan G. Komen
  • CNY Community Foundation
  • CNY Fair Housing
  • Central Square School District
  • Chittenango Rotary
  • City of Syracuse Department of Neighborhood & Business Dev.
  • Elim Grace Christian Church
  • Everson Museum of Art
  • Fulton Art Association
  • Fulton First United Methodist Church
  • Fulton School District
  • Hillside Family of Agencies
  • Hospice of CNY
  • Housing Visions Unlimited, Inc.
  • Huntington Family Centers
  • Jim Marshall Farms Foundation
  • John Ben Snow Foundation
  • May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society
  • Morningstar Residential Care Center
  • NYS Department of Health
  • NYS Department of Education, Office of ACCES
  • NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
  • New York State Fair
  • NYS Homes & Community Renewal
  • NYS Offices of:
    • Children & Family Services
    • Mental Health
    • People With Developmental Disabilities
  • Onondaga County Departments of:
    • Adult & Long Term Care Services
    • Children & Family Services
    • Community Development
    • Mental Health
    • Social Services
  • Operation Northern Comfort
  • Oswego County Autism Task Force
  • Oswego County Departments of:
    • Development, Tourism, & Planning
    • Health & Long-Term Care
    • Housing Assistance
    • Mental Hygiene Division
    • Social Services
  • Oswego County Fair Housing Council
  • Oswego County Opportunities
  • Oswego First United Methodist Church
  • Oswego YMCA
  • P.E.A.C.E., Inc.
  • RSVP of Oswego County
  • Richard S. Shineman Foundation
  • Rural Health Network of Oswego Co.
  • Seaway Lofts
  • St. Francis Farms
  • SUNY Oswego Office of Business & Community Relations
  • Upstate Pediatric & Adolescent Center
  • Syracuse City School District
  • Syracuse Community Health Center
  • Syracuse Stage
  • S.U. Office of Disability Services
  • S.U. Disability Rights Law Clinic
  • Temple Adath Yeshurun
  • Toggenburg Mountain
  • Winter Sports Center
  • United Community Chest of Cazenovia, Fenner & Nelson
  • U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services, RSA
  • United Way of Central New York
  • United Way of Greater Oneida
  • United Way of Oswego County

Celebrating the Future

It is only through the generosity of peope like you that the future of ARISE services can be guaranteed for generations to come. Your passion for inclusion changes lives.

Your Support Makes it All Possible

Every day, your support for ARISE is making a difference in the community.

At the Farm, children and adults of all abilities are able to bond with the horses and improve many kinds of skills. I’ve met many parents who are so grateful for the opportunities their children are receiving.

In Oswego, families are able to reclaim access to their home and remain in the community. I was moved to tears when the couple was able to leave their home for the first time in years. Imagine what it must have felt like to once again have the freedom that had been denied.

You’re also providing people with disabilities the supports they need to thrive in the workplace. It was thrilling to hear that one young man was able to save enough to purchase his first car.

And, your impact is felt each time a family member shares how our therapists helped their loved one overcome mental health challenges.

With your help, we can make the dream of building an accessible playground at ARISE at the Farm a reality.

There is no greater feeling than making it possible for children and adults, regardless of disability, to have every opportunity in life.
We are so excited for the future. Together we can continue to raise awareness and resources to ensure that ARISE is able to offer people what they need to achieve success.

-Denise McGraw, Chair of the ARISE Foundation

In Their Own Words: The Wink Family, Two Years After the 21-Day Challenge – Emma is Taking Her First Steps

Our daughter Emma was diagnosed with Spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, which means it affects all four of her limbs.

With Emma, you can definitely see the advances she has made through therapeutic riding at the Farm. There’s no other way to replicate what the kids feel and the muscles that are stimulated by the movement of the horse.

In 2012, Emma participated in the first 21-Day Challenge at the Farm. It was such a success for her!
On the first day, she really struggled with the whole thing. Her head was down, her arms were non-supportive. By the end of 21 days, she was basically able to sit up throughout the whole ride. When she would start to go forward, she could push herself back up. The change was amazing.

Not only did she enjoy it but it proved to help her core strength tremendously. You can see the dramatic physical advances she has made. She has better trunk, hip, and head control and she’s sitting up better than ever before. And, her improvement has continued. This past year Emma has started taking her first steps!

Beyond the extraordinary physical gains, Emma simply lights up at the Farm. She enjoys being there, interacting with the staff, and watching other kids ride. Emma has such a strong connection to her horse at the Farm (who she affectionately calls “Stinky Pete”).
The Farm is a terrific place and we can’t wait to see how far Emma will go as she continues to benefit from therapeutic horseback riding!

How Can I Make A Difference?

    You can direct your gift to one of our core focus areas, a specific initiative (like the accessible playground fund), or you can designate your gift to a specific program.

      • Removing Barriers – Access, Equality, & Social Justice
      • Sustaining Needs – Building Safety Nets
      • Strengthening Skills – Fostering Independence
      • Enriching Lives – Recreation, Art, and Adventure
      • Today and Tomorrow – Meeting Emerging Needs
    A gift to our endowment, naming ARISE in your will, and gifts of stock are some of the most important investments you can make to ensure the future of our services. Your impact will multiply in perpetuity and continue to touch lives for generations to come.
    Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to honor the special people and occasions in your life while making a difference for others.
    Share your voice as an agent of change! Join in our Celebrating Inclusion & Achieving Independence Dinner, Ride for Ramps, ARISE & Ride at the Farm, or UNIQUE Magazine – there are many ways to get involved.
    Become involved in one of our special events, help out at the Farm, build a ramp, sign up to spread the word about ARISE, or consider becoming a board member. There are many ways to join our mission.

Celebrating Your Impact

Your Stories of Giving:

We are touched by the tremendous generosity of caring supporters like:

  • Our friends at BNY Mellon who provide support all year long and make gifts that are matched by the company.
  • Jolie, Jennifer, and Jaime for donating funds to purchase a new bi-ski. Even more people can feel the priceless gift of adventure.
  • Haylor, Freyer & Coon for joining our mission through their many kinds of support.
  • Sarah Smith who chose to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah by asking for donations in support of ARISE at the Farm.
  • Morningstar Residential Care Center for donating the funds and rolling up their sleeves to build a ramp.
  • Jim Hickey and Toggenburg Mountain Winter Sports Center who have been making it possible for skiers of all abilities to feel the thrill of flying down the slopes since 1996.
  • The siblings who again chose to make donations to ARISE during the holidays instead of buying gifts for each other.
  • M&T Bank’s gift to our Employment Program to support self-sufficiency.
  • Raby’s Ace Home Center for their incredible support of our Oswego County Ramp Program.
  • Bev Hamilton’s family and friends for their gift of a picnic table for the Farm in her memory.
  • The many people who donated to celebrate and honor Peter Green’s life.
  • And, of course, our dedicated volunteers. Whether on the slopes, at the Farm, or in our offices – it all happens because of you.

Celebrating Your Support

ARISE at the Farm

We remain forever grateful for the gift of ARISE at the Farm by Dr. James Marshall. Thousands of lives have been and continue to be touched by his vision and dream.


  • CENG – Constellation Energy Nuclear Group
  • CNY Affiliate of Susan G. Komen
  • P. Drescher Incorporated
  • Richard S. Shineman Foundation
  • United Way of Central New York

DONORS WHO GAVE $2,500 – $9,999

  • Tania Anderson
  • Jim and Kathy Burns
  • Mr. & Mrs. John V. Conti
  • Empower Federal Credit Union
  • Raymond Hackbarth
  • Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc.
  • J.W. Burns & Company Investment Counsel
  • Lockheed Martin Employees Federated Fund
  • M&T Bank
  • NBT Bank
  • Relph Benefit Advisors
  • United Way of Greater Oswego County

DONORS WHO GAVE $1,000 – $2,499

  • Baldwin Real Estate Corporation
  • BNY Mellon
  • Bonadio Group
  • Bond, Schoeneck & King
  • Dermody, Burke & Brown CPAS
  • R. Douglas Eaton & Nancy Kern Kronen
  • Tim, Sue, and Robert George
  • Gary & Julie Forbes
  • Brian Haynes
  • KeyBank
  • Tom and Lynne McKeown
  • Morningstar Residential Care Center
  • Jane Murphy
  • Oneida Wealth Management
  • Onondaga Hearing Services
  • Pathfinder Bank
  • PurEnergy, LLC
  • Reefer Compressor and Parts, Inc.
  • SUNY Oswego
  • Don Scholl
  • Toshiba Business Solutions
  • Jaime Tuozzolo
  • Jennifer Tuozzolo
  • Jolie Tuozzolo Johnston
  • United Community Chest of Cazenovia, Fenner & Nelson
  • V.I.P. Structures
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Welch Allyn

DONORS WHO GAVE $500 – $999

  • Adam’s Apple Services
  • Central New York Community Foundation
  • DUMAC Business Systems, Inc.
  • Fuccillo Automotive Group
  • Fulton Savings Bank
  • The Gerardi Family
  • Bob & Pam Getek
  • INFICON, Inc.
  • Ed & Sue Judge
  • John & Candace Marsellus
  • Monroe Wheelchair
  • MVP Health Care
  • Chuck O’Neil
  • Oswego County Autism Task Force
  • Gail Kern Paster
  • Price Chopper
  • Tucker-Haskins & Associates
  • Jack & Linda Webb
  • Susan Werner
  • West Genesee Central School District Ski Club

Major In-Kind Donors

  • Associated Health Care
  • PPS – Syracuse
  • Banner Envy
  • the bikery
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Bosco & Geers
  • CNY Central
  • Robert Boutell
  • Century Decorations
  • Everson Museum of Art
  • Friends of Fort Ontario
  • Kim & Marc Grindle
  • Frederick & Jean Herse
  • Hilary Holland
  • Integrated Marketing
  • John Izzo
  • Paula Katz
  • Kinsella Quarries
  • Robert Knauff
  • Steven LaPlaca
  • Paul’s Paint Shop
  • Logo Incentives
  • Michael E. Mobile Sound
  • Murdock’s Bicycles & Sports
  • NewsChannel 9 WSYR
  • Oswego Speedway
  • Papa’s Sports
  • Raby’s Ace Home Center
  • Tracy Palmer
  • Maryjane Poulin
  • Precision Sign & Graphic
  • Rudy’s
  • Bob Schwitter
  • Brian Sweeney
  • Toggenburg Mountain Winter
  • Sports Center
  • TOPS Friendly Markets
  • WAER
  • Carolyn Waterman
  • Gregory Weiland
  • Steve Weisbrod
  • Woodchuck Saloon
  • Word-Wrights Inc.
  • Zink Shirts

Did You Know?

  • People with disabilities are active in our governance and day-to-day management. A majority of the members of our board of directors are individuals who have a disability and people with all types of disabilities work at ARISE as advocates and volunteers.
  • ARISE serves people who have ANY type of disability. Many of our services are available to people of all ages, who have all types of disabilities.
  • As an Independent Living Center (ILC), ARISE promotes the full inclusion of people with disabilities. We do not operate residential facilities and focus on helping people live as independently as possible.
  • We’re dedicated to furthering the independent living philosophy: the belief that people with disabilities have the same rights as people who do not have disabilities. We are at the forefront of advocating for access, choice, and self-determination.

Financials – 2013 FISCAL YEAR (July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013)

Balance Sheet

Current Assets 3,158,000
Property & Equipment 2,067,000
Total Assets 5,225,000

Current Liabilities 1,484,000
Long-Term Liabilities 1,121,000
Net Assets 2,620,000
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 5,225,000

Note: Figures in charts are rounded to the nearest thousand.

Statement of Activities

Program Revenue 10,876,000
Grant Revenue 2,334,000
Donations and United Way of CNY 287,000
Other Income 5,000
Total Support and Revenue 13,502,000

Advocacy & Support Services 4,053,000
Oswego Operations 2,627,000
Mental Health Services 1,824,000
Outreach Services 1,692,000
General and Administrative Services 1,533,000
Madison County Services 724,000
Employment Services 533,000
ARISE at the Farm 352,000
Fundraising 83,000
Total Expenses 13,421,000

Change in Net Assets 81,000